Catalog is the interface to work with a metastore, i.e. a data catalog of database(s), local and external tables, functions, table columns, and temporary views in Spark SQL.

You can access the current catalog using SparkSession.catalog attribute.

import org.apache.spark.sql.SparkSession
val spark: SparkSession = ...

scala> spark.catalog
   lazy val catalog: org.apache.spark.sql.catalog.Catalog

scala> spark.catalog
res0: org.apache.spark.sql.catalog.Catalog = org.apache.spark.sql.internal.CatalogImpl@1b42eb0f

|              name|database|description|tableType|isTemporary|
|my_permanent_table| default|       null|  MANAGED|      false|
|              strs|    null|       null|TEMPORARY|       true|

scala> spark.catalog.clearCache
The one and only Catalog in Spark SQL is CatalogImpl.

Catalog Contract

package org.apache.spark.sql.catalog

abstract class Catalog {
  def cacheTable(tableName: String): Unit
  def cacheTable(tableName: String, storageLevel: StorageLevel): Unit
  def currentDatabase: String
  def setCurrentDatabase(dbName: String): Unit
  def listDatabases(): Dataset[Database]
  def listTables(): Dataset[Table]
  def listTables(dbName: String): Dataset[Table]
  def listFunctions(): Dataset[Function]
  def listFunctions(dbName: String): Dataset[Function]
  def listColumns(tableName: String): Dataset[Column]
  def listColumns(dbName: String, tableName: String): Dataset[Column]
  def createExternalTable(tableName: String, path: String): DataFrame
  def createExternalTable(tableName: String, path: String, source: String): DataFrame
  def createExternalTable(
      tableName: String,
      source: String,
      options: Map[String, String]): DataFrame
  def createExternalTable(
      tableName: String,
      source: String,
      schema: StructType,
      options: Map[String, String]): DataFrame
  def dropTempView(viewName: String): Unit
  def isCached(tableName: String): Boolean
  def uncacheTable(tableName: String): Unit
  def clearCache(): Unit
  def refreshTable(tableName: String): Unit
  def refreshByPath(path: String): Unit
  def functionExists(functionName: String): Boolean
  def functionExists(dbName: String, functionName: String): Boolean
Table 1. Catalog Contract (in alphabetical order)
Method Description


Caches the specified table in memory

Used for SQL’s CACHE TABLE and AlterTableRenameCommand command.


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