Interactive Notebooks

This document aims at presenting and eventually supporting me to select the open-source web-based visualisation tool for Apache Spark with Scala 2.11 support.


  1. Support for Apache Spark 2.0

  2. Support for Scala 2.11 (the default Scala version for Spark 2.0)

  3. Web-based

  4. Open Source with [ASL 2.0]( or similar license

  5. Notebook Sharing using GitHub

  6. Active Development and Community (the number of commits per week and month, github, gitter)

  7. Autocompletion

Optional Requirements:

  1. Sharing SparkContext

Jupyter Notebook

You can combine code execution, rich text, mathematics, plots and rich media

  • Jupyter Notebook (formerly known as the IPython Notebook)- open source, interactive data science and scientific computational environment supporting over 40 programming languages.

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